Leg Bands

Members of the Greater Vancouver Canary & Finch Club can order dated, numbered leg bands (rings) from our Ring Registrar.

Orders are now being accepted for 2019!

The cost is $7 per string of 10. Rings must be paid for at the time of ordering and membership for the year must be paid as well. Rings can be picked up during our general meetings. To order rings, please e-mail canaryrings@msn.com.

Please state what size ring(s) you would like when placing your order (see chart below).

Ring Size

Bird Types (AACC Recommendations)

Size E – 2.84mm

Gloster, Fife, and Miniature Canaries. Blackcap, Green-finch, Nightingale, Yellow Hammer, Chaffinch, Bramble Finch, Red Bunting, Diamond Sparrow, Yellow Siskin, and all Nuns.

Size G – 3.05mm

Border, Roller, Red Factor, Japanese Hoso, Lizard Canaries, Snow Bunting.

Size J – 3.30mm

Yorkshire, Norwich, Crested and Frill Canaries. Corn Bunting, Pekin Robin.