History of the Greater Vancouver Canary & Finch Club

In 1991, the Vancouver Canary Club (VCC) rose from the ashes of the Royal Canadian Canary Club. Another predecessor, the Vancouver and District Cage Bird Association dates back to about 1910. In 2018, the Vancouver Canary Club changed its name to the Greater Vancouver Canary & Finch Club to better reflect our membership’s location and interests. We would like to thank Cooper Symonds, the graphic designer who brought our new logo to life in 2019.

Pictured below is breeder, exhibitor, international judge, and the VCC’s ex-president Gordon_CarrGordon Carr. Gordon joined the Vancouver and District Cage Bird Association in 1930. This photo was taken in 1934 at the age of 22. Although not clearly seen in this archived black and white photo, the bird in the top cage is a Yellow Border Canary, which finished second out of 32 entries at the 1934 Canadian Avicultural Club Show in Toronto. The lower bird is a Yellow Norwich Hen which placed first in a class of eleven. Gordon started breeding canaries in 1928 and was still actively breeding and participating in VCC activities when he passed away in 2004 at the age of 91.

In 2001, we became incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia as a not-for-profit society. We are also members of the Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada.