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Breeder Referral List

The Vancouver Canary Club’s member list is private. However, many non-members ask for breeder recommendations for specific breeding varieties or for a good quality pet. This page was established as a voluntary way for VCC members to authorize contacting them about obtaining canaries or finches.

Breeder Location Birds Contact
Jorge Camara Richmond Gloster canaries 604-821-1488
Albert Varda North Vancouver Yellow, white, bronze, cobalt, and red factor canaries. 604-929-8151
Jimmy Yap Vancouver Colourbred canaries (lipochrome and mosaics). Gouldian finches. Parrot finches. 604-729-8082

If you are a VCC member and would like to be listed on this page, please e-mail with your preferred contact method, city, and what types of birds you breed.


This classifieds page is open to members and non-members. Business advertisements and items for sale are welcome. The service is free for members and $5/month for non-members.

If you would like your ad included on this page, please e-mail

Canaries, Cages, and More

Selling canaries (yellow, white, bronze, cobalt, and red factor), show cages, breeding cages, flight cages, and more. Located in North Vancouver. Call Albert at 604-929-8151.